There has always been something special about food. Not just calories to be consumed, but the sharing of a meal with others. From roasting hotdogs around a campfire to the most elaborate of social affairs; food has always been at the center of our culture. In that spirit Square Food was born. Square Food is a ministry of church at the Square; our mobile missions platform. A renovated 1967 AirStream trailer serves as a food truck in the city of Garland and surrounding areas. The mission of the trailer is two fold. The first is to operate as a  food truck providing great food to Garland and surrounding areas. Our mission statement at the church is to “ engage the culture in community with the truth of the Gospel”. I believe that food breaks down walls and allows for Gospel centered conversations to take place in a relational way. Being able to not only feed the person, but to feed their soul as well. This conversation naturally occurs by talking about the 2nd part of the mission. All proceeds from Square Food are used to fund local and global missions. Working 3-4 days in the community so we can then roll into a low income area to serve dinner to everyone for free. Supporting missionaries in London, and giving to the cooperative program to see the Gospel go into the far reaches of the world and our local communities. Francis Schafer says “A healthy church living out the Gospel becomes an apologetic for the Gospel itself”. We defend the truth found in the Gospel by living that truth out in plain view for the world to see.


for information about Square Food, or to book an event email Jake Tubbs at